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مشاهدة تفاصيل البطولة

IA FM John Powell Open 2023 - OPEN Section

اخر تحديث22.01.2023 23:57:13, منشئ/آخر رفع: Jamaica Chess Federation (Llicense 3)

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ترتيب البداية

رقماسم اللاعبرقم دولياتحادتقييمنادي/مدينة
1FMRaheem Glaves7402724JAM2169Adult
2CMNathan Hinds7400730JAM1973Adult
3CMStuart James7400489JAM1964Adult
4CMPaul Brooks7400616JAM1880Adult
5Christopher Lyn7402775JAM1750Jamaica College
6Andre Soares7401132JAM1723Adult
7Tevin Campbell7403380JAM1583Adult
8Orion Isaacs7402333JAM1556Wolmer's Boys' School
9Marlon Hutchinson7402945JAM1493Uwi
10Remari Green7407530JAM1439Mico University College
11Bryan Smart7404000JAM1404Ardenne High School
12Troy Mckoy7401949JAM1394Adult
13Samuel Smith7407130JAM1387Utech
14Aayush Jain7404697JAM1350Ardenne High School
15Daniel O Williams7404603JAM1346Adult
16Andrew Smart7403992JAM1297Uwi
17Arielle Mckoy7403496JAM1202Campion College
18Dale Quincy7408684JAM0St. Georges College