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مشاهدة تفاصيل البطولة

The Jamaica Open 2022 - OPEN Section

اخر تحديث13.12.2022 23:19:34, منشئ/آخر رفع: Jamaica Chess Federation (Llicense 3)

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ترتيب البداية

رقماسم اللاعبرقم دولياتحادتقييمنادي/مدينة
1FMGlaves Raheem7402724JAM2151Adult
2CMMellace Andrew7400055JAM1941Adult
3Lewis Jared7400225JAM1799Adult
4Henry Mark7400039JAM1775Adult
5Lyn Christopher7402775JAM1760Jamaica College
6Richards Shaheem7402635JAM1517St. Catherine High School
7Mckoy Troy7401949JAM1477Adult
8Downer Odel7404867JAM1438Adult
9Williams Daniel O7404603JAM1361Adult
10Smikle Zahmir7405464JAM1342Campion College
11Smart Bryan7404000JAM1331Ardenne High School
12Martin Shamir7404344JAM1319Utech
13Lodge Odane7406720JAM1316Utech
14Green Remari7407530JAM1182Mico University College
15Roche Stephen7404930JAM0Adult