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مشاهدة تفاصيل البطولة

NM Dr Harold Chan Open 2022 - OPEN Section

اخر تحديث31.10.2022 20:28:05, منشئ/آخر رفع: Jamaica Chess Federation (Llicense 3)

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ترتيب البداية

رقماسم اللاعبرقم دولياتحادتقييمنادي/مدينة
1FMGlaves Raheem7402724JAM2151Adult
2CMCurriah Malik7402236JAM2033Uwi
3Bailey David7401183JAM1957Adult
4Mcdonald Jhustice-Dimonte7402481JAM1836St. Catherine High School
5Lewis Jared7400225JAM1799Adult
6Brown Scott7401493JAM1756Adult
7WCMBrown Raehanna7402740JAM1690Campion College
8Stephenson John7404409JAM1647Wolmer's Boys' High School
9Isaacs Orion7402333JAM1542Wolmer's Boys' High School
10Mckoy Troy7401949JAM1477Adult
11Williams Daniel O7404603JAM1361Heart
12Smart Jaheim7403917JAM1333Campion College
13Martin Shamir7404344JAM1319Glenmuir High School
14Green Remari7407530JAM1182Mico University College
15Chin J-Loy7404123JAM0St Jago High School
16Smikle Zahmir7405464JAM0Campion College