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مشاهدة تفاصيل البطولة

National Age Group Chess Championships 2022 - Under 14 (ABS)

اخر تحديث08.10.2022 00:36:56, منشئ/آخر رفع: Jamaica Chess Federation (Llicense 3)

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ترتيب البداية

رقماسم اللاعبرقم دولياتحادتقييمنادي/مدينة
1Smart Jaheim7403917JAM1603Campion College
2Harvey Corbin7404794JAM1572Wolmer's Boys' High School
3Mahtani Rohit7404565JAM1512Campion College
4Chin J-Loy7404123JAM1359St Jago High School
5Mcnamee Shelson7405901JAM1334Glenmuir High School
6WCMO'connor Zaina7403909JAM1332Meadowbrook High School
7Gayle Kaia7405448JAM1317St. Andrew High School For Gir
8Okpiavbe Victor7406541JAM1308Campion College
9Xavier NeoJAM1247Campion College
10Edwards Zuberi7406258JAM1215Wolmer's Boys' High School
11Walsh Nayden7404026JAM1202Campion College
12Sinclair Geordan7407890JAM1141Glenmuir High School
13Chance JordonJAM1084Jamaica College
14Watson Sean7407467JAM1050Glenmuir High School
15Martin Kadir7407653JAM1000Home Schooled
16Farquharson Kamahri7407874JAM985Glenmuir High School
17Chang JessicaJAM0Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
18Darby DominicJAM0Wolmer's Boys' High School
19Francis AidenJAM0Wolmer's Boys' High School
20Hamilton JavonJAM0Herbert Morrison Technical Hig
21Samuels JaydenJAM0Wolmer's Boys' High School
22Smith BrandonJAM0Wolmer's Boys' High School
23Thompson DexterJAM0Wolmer's Boys' High School