De Pion - Winter 2021 - C

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Starting rank list of players

4Almatni AminNED0
3Baal, Van AleksandrNED0
10Beers, van MaxNED0
15Godschalk SvenNED0
1Grauw, de PepijnNED0
11Grzegorek KorneliaNED0
16Hout, van BenNED0
7Jacobs ManuNED0
17Konings SidNED0
5Kosten LuukNED0
13Lo SebastianNED0
2Meijer Ning LeiNED0
6Olszewski WiktorNED0
14Pham DonnyNED0
12Robbemond ThijnNED0
8Scognamiglio LucaNED0
9Yasur AyalNED0
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