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62. Magyar bajnokság - 2012 Hévíz

Last update 23.10.2021 19:16:07, Creator/Last Upload: hungarian chess-federation licence 10

Starting rank list of players

1GMBerkes Ferenc718572HUN2693
10GMErdos Viktor719978HUN2640
7GMBanusz Tamas722413HUN2580
4GMPapp Gabor718602HUN2578
9IMProhaszka Peter726265HUN2573
6GMMedvegy Zoltan708402HUN2561
8GMPap Gyula725323HUN2553
5GMSzabo Krisztian722901HUN2541
3GMHorvath Jozsef700061HUN2539
2IMMihok Oliver728012HUN2451
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