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Faridpur District Chess League-21

Last update 18.09.2021 14:22:54, Creator/Last Upload: Bangladesh Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Md Shakil102303271740BANAbahani Krira Chakro4
2Md Moinuddin102384761562BANAbahani Krira Chakro1
3A.K.M. Rahmatullah Siddiki0BANLipon Sporting1
4Abdur Rahman0BANNajib Sporting Club5
5Al Sajid0BANAzad Sporting Club2
6Al-Amin0BANB. R. Memorial Club4
7Alok0BANDuronto Boys Club3
8Aminul Islam0BANPubali Club1
9Amir hamza0BANEden Club1
10Apurbo Biswash0BANB. R. Memorial Club1
11Ashis0BANDuronto Boys Club5
12Faisal Sarder0BANJit Akadosh1
13Gazi Fariduzzaman0BANLipon Sporting3
14Helal Faria0BANJit Akadosh2
15Ibrahim0BANB. R. Memorial Club5
16Md Arzad0BANNajib Sporting Club3
17Md Aslam0BANJit Akadosh4
18Md Javed0BANJit Akadosh3
19Md Mohibul0BANPubali Club2
20Md Nazmul0BANNajib Sporting Club4
21Md Raihan0BANPubali Club3
22Md Ruhul0BANSabuz Sena Club5
23Md Shakil0BANDuronto Boys Club1
24Md Enamul Hasan Chowdhury0BANSabuz Sena Club3
25Md Masud Rana0BANSabuz Sena Club2
26Md Mehedi Hasan0BANEden Club5
27Md Mohibul Hasan Limon0BANPubali Club4
28Md Moshiur Rahman0BANAbahani Krira Chakro3
29Md Mostak Chowdhury0BANSabuz Sena Club1
30Md Rafikul Islam0BANLipon Sporting2
31Md Rofikul Islam0BANSabuz Sena Club4
32Md Ruhul Amin0BANJit Akadosh5
33Md Sajal Khan0BANPubali Club5
34Md Sazzad Hossain0BANAbahani Krira Chakro2
35Md tanvir Jahangir rasel0BANEden Club2
36Mehedi Hasan0BANB. R. Memorial Club2
37Mia Mahmud Hasan0BANNajib Sporting Club1
38Miftaul Ferdous0BANB. R. Memorial Club3
39Miraj Mahmud Ahsani0BANAbahani Krira Chakro5
40Monojit Kumar0BANLipon Sporting5
41Mosharaf0BANAzad Sporting Club1
42Rahat0BANAzad Sporting Club4
43S.M.Shahin Reza0BANNajib Sporting Club2
44Sabid hasan0BANEden Club3
45Sakir Hasan0BANEden Club4
46Sheikh Md Mohsin0BANLipon Sporting4
47Sheikh Sayem0BANAzad Sporting Club5
48Simanto0BANDuronto Boys Club2
49Sohel0BANDuronto Boys Club4
50Yousuf0BANAzad Sporting Club3