7th Oman Individual Chess Championsip ( open ) 2021

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds, Starting rank crosstable
Board PairingsRd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3, Rd.4, Rd.5, Rd.6, Rd.7, Rd.8, Rd.9/9 , not paired
Ranking list afterRd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3, Rd.4, Rd.5, Rd.6, Rd.7, Rd.8, Rd.9
GamesThere are 134 games available for download
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Starting rank

1FMSalim Mohammed Salim Al Amri22000089OMA1926
2Said Ahmed Ali Jidal Fadhil22000070OMA1902
3CMSalim Issa Ali Shamas22000062OMA1888
4Al Ansi Amin22000054OMA1816
5Al Amri Mohammed A22000380OMA1772
6Al Mamari Mohammed Salim22000232OMA1718
7Qatan Said Mahad22000860OMA1711
8CMAl Kathiri Salim Said22000526OMA1707
9Al Amari Mohammed22004297OMA1662
10Fadhil Salim Ahmed22001417OMA1653
11Al Busaidi Hamood22006230OMA1651
12Al Jabri Rashid22001158OMA1651
13Al Ghafri Amer22003436OMA1626
14Al Amri Mahad22004319OMA1617
15Al Dhiyabi Mohammed22002545OMA1617
16Al Zadjali Abdul Rahman22008144OMA1594
17Shimas Said Issa22001816OMA1592
18Al Balushi Emad22001506OMA1558
19Al Jahwari Adnan Mohammed22001115OMA1553
20Al Mamari Mohammed Saif22000933OMA1527
21Al Kathiri Mana22006648OMA1521
22Al Mahrouqi Salem Mohamed22000267OMA1510
23Bait Said Ali22002197OMA1501
24Bait Said Salim Ahmed22002227OMA1501
25Al Balushi Said22001336OMA1499
26Al Raisi Yasser Mansoor22000275OMA1496
27Al Harasi Saif22000208OMA1474
28Al Darwashi Anas22008128OMA1471
29Al Darwashi Usama22008136OMA1459
30Al Mamari Ahmed22004190OMA1400
31Al Nofli Mohammed Saif22001352OMA1393
32Al Rusheidi Omer22006109OMA1387
33Al Mamari Ali Abdullah22009671OMA1375
34Al Balushi Ahmed Mohamed22008276OMA1374
35Al Shereiqi Nasir22003193OMA1371
36Al Habsi Sultan Mohamed22010181OMA1267
37Al Mamari Said Ahmed22008772OMA1257
38Al Wahaibi Salah22008284OMA1253
39Al Hooti Mansoor22008330OMA1251
40Al Rahbi Ahmed Badar22006427OMA1192
41Al Hinai Abdul Rahim22002073OMA1142
42Al Wardi Qusai22010890OMA1015
43Al Wardi Saif22012354OMA1013
44AFMAl Aamri Abdallah22004025OMA0
45Al Abri Hamdan22014845OMA0
46Al Balushi Abdullah Ali22010440OMA0
47Al Balushi Ali Mohamed22010521OMA0
48Al Breiki Salem22016007OMA0
49Al Bulushi Ahmed Badar22015850OMA0
50Al Busafi Khalid22012044OMA0
51Al Farsi Sulaiman Mohammed22006583OMA0
52Al Ghanami Fuad22006494OMA0
53Al Hadabi Saddam22013849OMA0
54Al Hadhrami Mohammed22016015OMA0
55Al Hamrashdi Omar22015736OMA0
56Al Hosni Hazza22012737OMA0
57Al Hosni Khalfan22012958OMA0
58Al Maamari Haitham22015914OMA0
59Al Mahrooqi Muhannad22016104OMA0
60Al Mamari Mazin22015175OMA0
61Al Mamari Omar22014250OMA0
62Al Mamari Rajab22012400OMA0
63Al Mawali Nasser22014861OMA0
64Al Mazroui Said22001239OMA0
65Al Muharbi Imran22013717OMA0
66Al Mukhaini Ibrahim22014870OMA0
67Al Mukhaini Salim22014888OMA0
68Al Qasmi Ahmed22015833OMA0
69Al Qassabi Al Maqdad22015841OMA0
70Al Rashdi Mohammed22012451OMA0
71Al Riyami Mohamed Issa22008101OMA0
72Al Saidi Abdullah Harib22011374OMA0
73Al Saidi Almuhannad22015132OMA0
74Al Siyabi Usama22015876OMA0
75Al Wahaibi Abdullah22014136OMA0
76Al Wahaibi Amur22014144OMA0
77Al Yahmadi Anas22012524OMA0
78Al Yahmedi Abdul Rahman22006370OMA0
79Al Yahmedi Adam22015760OMA0
80Al Yahmedi Ahmed22006389OMA0
81Al Yahmedi Ibrahim22006397OMA0
82Al Zaabi Faras22012567OMA0
83Balfora Khalid22016155OMA0
84Matar Hamad Nasser Al Bricki22000127OMA0
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