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IRT - 90 min + 30 seg/mov - 5 Rondas - Miércoles 20:00 hs.

Miércoles en el Misterio I

Last update 28.10.2021 06:26:03, Creator/Last Upload: AF Alfonso Figueroa

not paired

17Aprahamian, Tomas***
32Arismendi, Lucas*
25Beltran, Gaston****
3NMCastro, Cesar*
22Duarte, Horacio**
33Erniaga, Francisco*bye
34Gonzalez Bodega, Julianabye
21Miller, Ariel*
28Olivera, Omar*
35Paiva, Gastonbye
20Pascale, Santiago*
8Ramos Correa, Gabriel*
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