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16th Standard Minor U 1300

Last update 08.08.2021 13:58:48, Creator/Last Upload: scotland chess federation (license 3)

Starting rank

1Wood RyanENG1271RyanWood01
2Coltman AndreENG1202Rhodium59
3Ittigi TilakSCO1042chessgint22
4Smith MarkSCO1003Grambit58
5Roul TusharSCO939tushar1263
6Lynn AngeloSCO903angelolynn123
7Mclellan WilliamSCO810Dougx54
8Major BenjaminSCO775Benjamin_Major
9Mitraka ChrysaSCO733PushoverPrincess
10Haggerty AnthonySCO685roblox_fan007
11Srivathsan NarasimhanSCO501sribOss
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