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Scholastic Tournament 2021 Div I

Last update 10.07.2021 11:04:10, Creator/Last Upload: sydney_Activekids

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Starting rank

1Chan CharlesHKG0CIS
2Chan Jacob Yui Him6008747HKG0St. Catherine's International
3Chu NathanHKG0CIS
4Lee Lucas Jun YuanHKG0BHS
5Leung LeviaHKG0St. Stephen's Girls' College
6Liu AlexandraHKG0KCS
7Lu GeorgeHKG0International Christian Academy
8Or LincolnHKG0S.K.H. Kindergarten
9Song Joey SiqiHKG0SIS
10Tie Theodore DennisHKG0GSIS
11Wang AaronHKG0ISF
12Wong PatrickHKG0Kennedy
13Wong QuintonHKG0QBS
14Zhao JohnnyHKG0IMS