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13th SCT Standard Weekend U-1300

Last update 02.05.2021 13:46:59, Creator/Last Upload: scotland chess federation (license 3)

Starting rank

1Coltman AndreENG1265Rhodium59
2Wood RyanENG1184RyanWood01
3Fowler DavidSCO1077crazysiciliano
4Ittigi TilakSCO1054Chessgint22
5Smith MarkSCO994Grambit58
6Stewart GeoffSCO991Stewart500
7Zhao JosephSCO967ChessEqualsLife
8Lynn AngeloSCO896angelolynn123
9Mclellan William D.ENG767Dougx54
10Nagar NikunjSCO653BlueAthleticKnight
11Narasimhan SrivathsanSCO482sribOss
12Gemmel LewisSCO341Lewis_43
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