National Youth Under 10 Open 2021

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U18 Open
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Round 1 on 2021/01/13 at 09:00
120Grant Jahzara0 - 1Bhim Daniel07
230Allum Dominic1 - 0Joseph Zaa`van06
340Johnson Adaya0 - 1Muradali Kyan11645
410Grant Josias0bye0-1
Round 2 on 2021/01/13 at 12:00
160Joseph Zaa`van0 - 1Johnson Adaya04
270Bhim Daniel0 - 1Allum Dominic03
310Grant Josias0 - 1Grant Jahzara02
451164Muradali Kyan0bye0-1
Round 3 on 2021/01/13 at 15:00
130Allum Dominic1 - 0Grant Josias01
240Johnson Adaya+ - -Bhim Daniel07
351164Muradali Kyan1 - 0Joseph Zaa`van06
420Grant Jahzara0bye0-1
Round 4 on 2021/01/14 at 09:00
170Bhim Daniel0 - 1Muradali Kyan11645
210Grant Josias0 - 1Johnson Adaya04
320Grant Jahzara0 - 1Allum Dominic03
460Joseph Zaa`van0bye0-1
Round 5 on 2021/01/14 at 12:00
140Johnson Adaya1 - 0Grant Jahzara02
251164Muradali Kyan1 - 0Grant Josias01
360Joseph Zaa`van0 - 1Bhim Daniel07
430Allum Dominic0bye0-1
Round 6 on 2021/01/14 at 15:00
110Grant Josias0 - 1Joseph Zaa`van06
220Grant Jahzara0 - 1Muradali Kyan11645
330Allum Dominic½ - ½Johnson Adaya04
470Bhim Daniel0bye0-1
Round 7 on 2021/01/20 at 13:00
151164Muradali Kyan1 - 0Allum Dominic03
260Joseph Zaa`van1 - 0Grant Jahzara02
370Bhim Daniel1 - 0Grant Josias01
440Johnson Adaya0bye0-1
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