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XYChess Winter U1700 2021

Last update 19.02.2021 16:48:51, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank

1Baldacchino Joe5601096MLT1683
2Eychenne Thomas45122687FRA1671
3Zikic Ljubomir977594SRB1664
4De Caro Giovanni2829717ITA1647
5Refalo Ian5601118MLT1600
6Mizzi Steve5601878MLT1580
7Gatt Joseph5600758MLT1478
8WCMPsaila Uranchimeg5600804MLT1470
9Bonnici Kyle5602920MLT1428
10Attard Compagno Kevin5602602MLT1380
11Calleja Urry Martin5602890MLT1262
12Psaila Ocean5602130MLT1245
13Hrycikowski Robert21889732POL1240
14Gauci David5600715MLT1201
15Amouri Bilel5603226MLT0
16Ellul Diaz5603528MLT0
17Ellul Makhabbat5603536MLT0
18Mangion Simon Andrew5603420MLT0
19Marinelli Alexandra5603358MLT0
20Thornton Hayley5602637MLT0
21Vinelli Francesca28549414ITA0
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