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Port Authority 2019 U14

Last update 16.12.2019 09:51:12, Creator/Last Upload: seychelles chess-federation

Starting rank

1Bastienne RishonSEY1400
2Dufrene EllishaSEY1350
3Dodin StevenSEY1200
4Balaji TharunSEY1100
5Dodin MichaelSEY1000
6Filippini CayetanaSEY1000
7Jayaseelan JasonSEY1000
8Pandian AnandSEY1000
9Pillay RamaSEY1000
10Senthil HamsiniSEY1000
11Senthil SelveshSEY1000
12Simon AlvinSEY1000
13Velmurugan Anush KumarSEY1000
14Velmurugan PavithraSEY1000
15Vishwanathan KrishnaSEY1000
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