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2019 St. Lucia December Chess Challenge

Senast uppdaterad08.12.2019 23:26:45, Creator/Last Upload: StLuciaChess


1Alexander Andy23000015LCA1752
2Augustin James23000171LCA0
3Barfield Chris30955050LCA1793
4Dupres Winndell23000066LCA0
5Hart Adam11104740LCA0
6Jude Vandyke23000074LCA0
7Mathruin Nathaniel23000139LCA0
8Nicholas Arvin7701187LCA1725
9Norville Joanne23000082LCA0
10Nunez Daniel23000198LCA0
11Pierre Anslem23000201LCA0
12Thomas Dien23000031LCA1750
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