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2019 Eswatini National qualifiers Ladies Section

Last update 03.11.2019 18:52:45, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of swaziland

Starting rank

1Dlamini Temahlubi Queen14318091SWZ1412
2Nosimilo Mkhonto20700130SWZ1370
3Nomcebo Sibisi20701152SWZ1143
4Dlamini Sincobile20700997SWZ1038
5Ahmed AnmolSWZ0
6Akila BhagubhaiSWZ0
7Buthelezi NolwaziSWZ0
8Dlamini HlantekileSWZ0
9Manomano TawanaSWZ0
10Mkhonta Nokuthula20701179SWZ0
11Mohau MdzinisoSWZ0
12Sanyane KaraboSWZ0
13Sedibe MandisaSWZ0
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