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Malta Blitz Open 2019

Last update 09.10.2019 00:49:56, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank list of players

1Novak Attila Robert727067HUN2233
3Darmanin Jake5601061MLT2194
12Rusev Jeliasko2903784BUK2176
11Barrion Emerson5229928PHI2169
8Procacci Sergio819883ITA1974
4Farrugia Christopher5600626MLT1781
9Alexa Cosmin5601460MLT1777
14Thake Conrad5602947MLT1712
5Mizzi Jack5602521MLT1701
6Fleri Matthew5602165MLT1550
13Fleri Luke5602173MLT1501
7Aquilina Louis5602998MLT1463
2Attard Stephen5600766MLT1302
10Saliba Luke5600480MLT0
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