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B'Kara Blitz 2019

Last update 20.09.2019 23:41:04, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank

1Psaila Clarence5600359MLT1941
2Alexa Cosmin5601461MLT1773
3Thornton Filipina5600464MLT1693
4Mizzi Jack5602521MLT1681
5Gatt Matthias5601452MLT1601
6Mizzi Steve5601878MLT1535
7Pantovic Andrej5602335MLT1267
8Buckle Adam5601487MLT1262
9Gauci David5600715MLT1251
10Psaila Ocean5602130MLT1190
11Pantovic Ema5602327MLT1183
12Busuttil Naudi Stephen5602980MLT1069
13Ihebulu Jacob5602319MLT1022
14Amouri Bilel5603226MLT0
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