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Sur International Classic Tournament

Last update 23.09.2019 07:30:26, Creator/Last Upload: oman chess federation

Starting rank list of players

1Aljabri Salam Humaid22003185OMA1611
2Al Jahwari Adnan Mohammed22001115OMA1560
3Al Shabibi Mohammed Sultan22001212OMA1382
4Al Mahrezi Ali22004963OMA1271
5Al Saadi Al Mutasim22002618OMA1114
9Al Alawi Omar Saleh22004343OMA0
10Al Balushi Ahmed Murad22008667OMA0
6Al Ghelani Hamood22003690OMA0
7Al Ghelani Mohammed Said22007334OMA0
8Al Majaali Mohammed22004513OMA0
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