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Al Rustaq International Classic Tournament

Last update 09.09.2019 18:24:37, Creator/Last Upload: oman chess federation

Starting rank list of players

1Al Ghafri Amer22003436OMA1617
2Al Ghafri Wafia22000291OMA1601
3Al Dahmani Zayid22000852OMA1459
4Al Ghafri Alanoud22000313OMA1291
5Al Salehi Azzan22011137OMA1164
8Al Ghafri Al Khatab22010840OMA0
6Al Mamari Imran22007083OMA0
9Al Masqari Mohammed22010831OMA0
7Al Rusheidi Omer22006109OMA0
10Al Salehi Adnan22011790OMA0
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