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CheckMate Chess Tournament Under 11 Organised by Master Minds Academy - 96506068

Last update 23.08.2019 15:48:34, Creator/Last Upload: oman chess federation

Starting rank

1Al Riyami Mohamed Issa22008101OMA0
2Anirudh MenonIND0
3Janani VenkadIND0
4Jinay BafnaIND0
5Karthika Vinod25141929IND0
6Merin Mary Jose25165259IND0
7Mohammed shoaibIND0
8Monish Muraliram SakamuriIND0
10Sahanna Rajmohan25140647IND0
11Sreenidhi VenkadIND0
12Taneeshaa Sai Uttamkumarsingh25170864IND0
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