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tournoi d'ouverture saison 2019 du district de bamako

Last update 07.08.2019 13:48:02, Creator/Last Upload: cheick toure

Starting rank

1Traore BakaryMLI2200
2Asseye AlhousseyniMLI2190
3Diarra SirikeMLI2180
4Bah BremaMLI2170
5Maiga Baba moulayeMLI2140
6Samake SeydouMLI2120
7Coulibaly AbdoulayeMLI2050
8Sylla OumarMLI2030
9Diallo Sory lamineMLI2010
10Diarra IssaMLI2000
11Keita OumarMLI1920
12Kante KalilouMLI1910
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