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2019 Nationale Jeugdkampioenschappen U8

Last update 07.08.2019 06:08:46, Creator/Last Upload: surinaamse schaakbond

Starting rank

1Bhugwansing AbhirajSUR0Chess Academy
2Chotkan Rithvik20190811SUR0Weg Naar Zee
3Fung Thie Yen20190814SUR0Chess Academy
4Gezius Isaie20190812SUR0C4t
5Janki Yash20190810SUR0Weg Naar Zee
6Kalapnat Rayshree20190821SUR0Hjp
7Li Clayton20190820SUR0Ffm
8Parsan Rohan20190815SUR0Chess Academy
9Ramesar RavishSUR0SCW
10Saling Sue-MaikaSUR0SCW
11Tse Jayson20190819SUR0Ffm
12Vieira Algene20190816SUR0Chess Academy
13Vinkwolk Gelicia20190817SUR0Chess Academy
14Vrede Aleksander20190818SUR0Chess Academy
15Wu Selena20190813SUR0C4t
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