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National Junior Chess Championship 2019 U14 Open

Last update 07.08.2019 15:08:00, Creator/Last Upload: maldives chess federation

Starting rank

1Aazzu Adam KhalidMDV0
2Ahmed Zaveel ThohaMDV0
3Ibrahim Baasil MohamedMDV0
4Mohamed Arhaan AhmedMDV0
5Mohamed Azaan Abdulla UmarMDV0
6Mohamed Faizaan IbrahimMDV0
7Mohamed Looth Bin Ibrahim KhaleeMDV0
8Mohamed Rayyan Adam ShakirMDV0
9Mohamed Saalim Abdul SamadMDV0
10Mujahid Bin YazeedMDV0
11Nauhan Ahmed ShiyamMDV0
12Yousuf Mishal ShahidMDV0
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