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Karonga Chess Tournament

Last update 31.05.2019 19:04:13, Creator/Last Upload: malawi chess-federation

Starting rank

1Mweghama Wakisa20503920MAW1704
2Mawiliga Frank20504284MAW1669
3Gondwe Josephy20503881MAW1632
4Mwiba Jonathane20503261MAW1622
5Mwakikunga Boniface20500912MAW1603
6Mbale Charles20500661MAW1576
7Bamusi Innocent20506244MAW0
8Chimlambe Baxter20506147MAW0
9Jere Joseph20506252MAW0
10Maenje Mervin20506279MAW0
11Mwachande Happy20506236MAW0
12Nkosi Mphatso20506260MAW0
13NyakaNyaka Dalitso20500920MAW1288
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