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Inter Salwan U-17 Girls Chess Tournament 2019 (Individual)

Last update 24.05.2019 08:33:56, Creator/Last Upload: lucknow chess academy license 10

Starting rank

1Akshata JaiswalIND0Mayur Vihar
2Amisha BansalIND0Gurugram
3AnamIND0Tronica city
4Anushka PokhriyalIND0Mayur Vihar
5AradhyaIND0Tronica city
6AvniIND0SPS,Rajendra Nagar
7Diksha GuptaIND0Mayur Vihar
8Falak NaazIND0Tronica city
9HarsitaIND0Salwan Girls
10Jasmine OberoiIND0G.D.Salwan
11Krishita AgarwalIND0Gurugram
12Kriti KediaIND0G.D.Salwan
13Kriti RawatIND0Mayur Vihar
14Manvi PanditIND0Tronica city
15Manvi FalwariyaIND0G.D.Salwan
16Manya ChandelIND0G.D.Salwan
17PakshalikaIND0SPS,Rajendra Nagar
18Pragya KishanpuriaIND0SPS,Rajendra Nagar
19Pranjal RaoIND0Gurugram
20Sanvi AggrwalIND0Gurugram
21ShaanviIND0SPS,Rajendra Nagar
22SnehaIND0Salwan Girls
23TannuIND0Salwan Girls
24TanujaIND0Salwan Girls