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Inter Salwan U-17 Boys Chess Tournament 2019 (Individual)

Last update 24.05.2019 08:35:23, Creator/Last Upload: lucknow chess academy license 10

Starting rank

1Arnab Kumar Mullick46605010IND1655Mayur Vihar
2Yashas Pessi45067902IND1452SPS,Rajendra Nagar
3Sai Jayanth J25907999IND1247G.D.Salwan
4Tejas Pessi45078211IND1175SPS,Rajendra Nagar
5Aditya KrishnaIND0Mayur Vihar
6Aditya Raj SinghIND0Mayur Vihar
7Aditya ShuklaIND0G.D.Salwan
8Harshit SharmaIND0Tronica City
9Lakshay DhandaIND0Gurugram
10Lakshit SachdevaIND0Gurugram
11Manit Singh KohliIND0Mayur Vihar
12Saksham AroraIND0Gurugram
13Shreyans JainIND0G.D.Salwan
14Siddhant YadavIND0Gurugram
15Sparsh NodiyaIND0Tronica city
16Swayam PrakashIND0Tronica city
17Vaibhav SinhaIND0SPS,Rajendra Nagar
18Vishesh SachdevaIND0SPS,Rajendra Nagar
19Yash TyagiIND0Mayur Vihar