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Inter Salwan U-19 Girls Chess Tournament 2019 (Individual)

Last update 24.05.2019 08:34:10, Creator/Last Upload: lucknow chess academy license 10

Starting rank

2Astha GargIND0Tronica city
3EeshaIND0Mayur Vihar
4Gaurika BhatnagarIND0Gurugram
5Harseert KaurIND0G.D.Salwan
6HarshitaIND0SPS,Rajendra Nagar
8JyotiIND0Salwan Girls
9Kanak GuptaIND0Gurugram
10KhushiIND0SPS,Rajendra Nagar
11Kirtika BalchandaniIND0Mayur Vihar
12LakshyaIND0SPS,Rajendra Nagar
13Malisha SharmaIND0G.D.Salwan
14Manika GuptaIND0Salwan Girls
15ManveenIND0SPS,Rajendra Nagar
16Prachi RathoreIND0Tronica city
17Rishita BhardwajIND0Gurugram
18Sanya KumariIND0Mayur Vihar
19Sehej AroraIND0Gurugram
20Shivani PandeyIND0Salwan Girls
21Swastika NodiyaIND0Tronica city
22Tanisha MittalIND0Tronica city
23Tanya SinghIND0Mayur Vihar
24Vijeyta DabasIND0Salwan Girls