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XVI Torneo de Ajedrez Ifa-Ajedrea - Corte Ingles de Elche - D

Last update 19.05.2019 11:22:41, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 551)

Starting rank

1Robledo Sanchez Carlos24510416ESP1970
2Navarro Rico Lluis32045913ESP1886
3Tormo Jorda Josep24555967ESP1481
4Puzik Denys24523364ESP1456
5Wu Yugong54551919ESP1418
6Cantos Miltchev Melian24538590ESP1265
7Makmak Georgy24523356ESP1226
8Calabuig Espinosa Miguel54584787ESP1198
9Campos Gutierrez Maria Del Mar24510726ESP1155
10Molina Montano Pedro24581704ESP1095
11Juan Mazo Laura54551072ESP111