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Camiponnat Regional de Nouakchott 2018

Last update 20.12.2018 12:18:42, Creator/Last Upload: fédération mauritanienne des échecs

Starting rank

1CMHemam Moulaye Brahim19600054MTN2061Teragh Zeyna
2CMTaleb Mohamed Ahmed19600038MTN1943Teyarett
3CMYahi Mohamed Salem19600160MTN1912Teragh Zeyna
4AIMTajedine Sidi Mohamed26030900MTN1848Teragh Zeyna
5Hassan Abderrahmane19601433MTN1801Teyarett
6Mohamed Lemine Mohamed19601409MTN1795Teyarett
7Chighali Cheikh Tijani19600909MTN1757Errachid
8Nocha Sidahmed19600259MTN1745Ebety
9Ahmed Val Ahmedou19600364MTN1722Teragh Zeyna
10Ahmed Yaha19600399MTN1638Errachid
11Mohamed Vall Sidi Mohamed Herm19601824MTN1635Teyarett
12Mohamed Abderrahim Taleb Moham19601441MTN1627Teyarett
13Cheikh Ahmed Ishak19600623MTN1610Errachid
14Mohamed Lemine Ahmedou Bamba19601093MTN1581Armee
15El Hady El Waled19601719MTN1496Errachid
16Med Mahd Med Beiba19600917MTN1496EL Khouyoul
17Abdalahi Sidi Mohamed Idi19602081MTN0Teyarett
18Ahmed Taleb Hademine19601700MTN0Teyarett
19Mohamdy Med Yahya Babah19602090MTN0Ebety
20Mohamed cheikh Chewaf19602111MTN0BCM
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