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NHO Chess Club Open

Last update 15.12.2018 16:14:53, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of swaziland

Starting rank

1Sihlongonyane SikhanyisoSWZ1576
2Dlamini SimphiweSWZ1461
3Simelane QhubekaSWZ1416
4Siame WilliamSWZ1392
5Simelane MandisaSWZ1381
6Matsebula QinisoSWZ1336
7Gama ThembelaSWZ1311
8Dlamini BonganeSWZ0
9Fakudze NduduzoSWZ0
10Groening SizweSWZ0
11Phakathi ChamisoSWZ0
12Simelane QinisoSWZ0
13Zwane MphatsiswaSWZ0
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