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Campeonato Nacional Infantil Masculino 2018

Last update 17.12.2018 16:44:10, Creator/Last Upload: mosambique chess-federation

Starting rank

1Amoda, AntonioMOZ0
2Ariel, JoaoMOZ0
3Eugenio, IvanildoMOZ0
4Junior, RuiMOZ0
5Lucas, JoaquimMOZ0
6Maia, HarryMOZ0
7Mandande, FranciscoMOZ0
8Microsse, DylanMOZ0
9Miguel, HugoMOZ0
10Natal, JoaquimMOZ0
11Nhamunga, MeltonMOZ0
12Nhamunga, MelvioMOZ0
13Tamele, KelvenMOZ0
14Tomas, SantosMOZ0
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