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Campeonato Nacional Juvenil 2018

Last update 17.12.2018 17:54:14, Creator/Last Upload: mosambique chess-federation

Starting rank list of players

9Hedrisse Mario Sande14801019MOZ1629
6Joao Farisse14800730MOZ1567
10Efentakis Theodora14801078MOZ1147
2Fernando Julio Batissone14801868MOZ0
4Helena Nelson Guivale14801850MOZ0
1Joao Sobrinho Andrade Junior14801884MOZ0
7Leonildo Particio Bernardo Danca14801876MOZ0
5Matos Sande Oscar14801051MOZ0
3Naira Adelino Paruma14801841MOZ0
8Naira Sitoi14800594MOZ0
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