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Last update 23.11.2018 08:43:49, Creator/Last Upload: fédération mauritanienne des échecs

Starting rank

1FMBah Brema19800010MLI2050
2CMTaleb Mohamed Ahmed19600038MTN1972
3Abdallahi Med Mahmoud19600615MTN1759
4Chighali Cheikh Tijani19600909MTN1757
5Mohamed Abderrahim Taleb Mohamed19601441MTN1724
6Ahmed Val Ahmedou19600364MTN1719
7Abdellahi Abou Bekrin19600372MTN1714
8Mohamed Lemine Ahmedou Bamba19601093MTN1581
9Mohamed Vall Sidi Mohamed Herma19601824MTN1485
10Med Mahd Med Beiba19600917MTN1475
11Abdellahi Sidi medMTN0
12Ahmed Taleb Hademine19601700MTN0
13Diallo Sory Lamine19800134MLI0
14Maiga Baba Moulaye AbMLI0
15Oumar SyllaMLI0
16Wane Al HassenSNE0
17Mohamed Lemine Mohamed19601409MTN1836
18Hamoudy El Hadj19601557MTN0
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