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Mozambique BCI Open- Woman Section

Last update 17.09.2018 10:07:56, Creator/Last Upload: mosambique chess-federation

Starting rank

1WIMVilhete Vania Fausto Da T.14800144MOZ1752
2Kabamba Mulwale Bwalya8706077ZAM1610
3Sitoe Cheila Andre14800780MOZ1545
4WFMLieketseng Ngatane21300585LES1518
5Efentakis Katina14800659MOZ1451
6Sitoe Sheila14800470MOZ1425
7Malenda Ana14800209MOZ1401
8Dlamini Temahlubi Queen14318091SWZ1362
9Malillo Phera21300763LES1350
10Mcpherson Naleli21300178LES1267
11Dlamini Nosipho20700237SWZ1239
12Malehloa Likhomo21301255LES1174
13Nokuthula Mkhonta20701179SWZ1053
14Adamo Virgilia Herculano14800748MOZ0
15Duarte MadalenaMOZ0
16Efentakis Theodora14801078MOZ0
17Kiluva Duarte Biquiza14801000MOZ0
18Nomcebo Sibisi20701152SWZ0
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