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Last update 24.06.2018 11:37:38, Creator/Last Upload: gilton mkumbwa

Starting rank

1Mwale Joseph16400135MAW2178
2Chipanga Chiletso16400119MAW2162
3Calicoa Wilton14800268MOZ2120
4Mfune Petros20500033MAW2045
5Nyambalo Joseph20500041MAW2010
6Mwale George20500254MAW2004
7Mwape Dennis8708886ZAM1986
8Chiwambo Stansford20500530MAW1924
9Phiri Aaron20504152MAW1917
10Gafar Izdine14800500MOZ1898
11Matola Ernest20501943MAW1895
12Mwale Douglas8706271ZAM1857
13Kaunda Kajani16400089MAW1851
14Kamwendo Precious20500785MAW1848
15Halison Ishmael20504241MAW1842
16Nthara Bright20501200MAW1824
17Chimkute Ronald20501951MAW1823
18Walumbe Bywell20504101MAW1818
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