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Tournoi Elo Fide - Mamory Ivato

Last update 29.04.2018 17:25:20, Creator/Last Upload: madagascar chess-federation

Starting rank

1Ralison Milanto Harifidy13100351MAD2326Super7
2Andriamasoandro Miora Ismael13100858MAD2106MCG
3Razanadrakotoarisoa Toavina13101439MAD2070CGM
4Randriamahefa Fenitra Anthony13100742MAD1944MCG
5Alisalama Nirina Jean Michel13101943MAD1874JOKER
6Andrianiaina Heritiana13101048MAD1860JOKER
7Ralamboarisoa Emerly13102125MAD1838ICA
8Zakariasy Fanomezana13100840MAD1801ICA
9Ramorasata Anjatoky13100726MAD1800MCG
10Randriantseheno Lalanirina13103962MAD1800ICA