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44th Guernsey International Chess Festival - Open Tournament

Last update 27.10.2018 18:25:42, Creator/Last Upload: gcf

Starting rank

1GMKorneev Oleg4156803ESP2560
2GMHillarp Persson Tiger1700812SWE2544
3GMLe Roux Jean-Pierre609404FRA2532
4IMPovah Nigel E400467ENG2303
5FMGrieve Harry426520ENG2292
6Cornelisse John1008137NED2184
7FMWaddington Mike P410497ENG2096
8Reijneveld Ad1010654NED2089
9CMRosen Daniel B405418ENG2081
10Kraft Karl-Heinz Prof. Dr.12924121GER2047
11Havenaar Jan1005081NED2043
12Curtis John E411892ENG2042
13Purdon Colin408581ENG2036
14Heppell Ian N412058ENG2031
15Wager John D420204ENG2029
16Sedgwick David404020ENG2013
17Van Den Boogaart Jan Maarten1044559NED2009
18Prins Jan1017179NED2003
19CMThurlow Kevin J406104ENG2002
20Magnussen Pal1711814SWE2000
21Collier David O406422ENG1999
22Bolt Graham410438ENG1994
23Dilleigh Stephen P408379ENG1986
24De Kruif Kees1006479NED1979
25Campbell Ian415219ENG1969
26Sikkel Dirk1050079NED1969
27Dijksterhuis Rolf1006452NED1958
28CMRowe Peter10700099GCI1951
29Fassaert Desire1008331NED1942
30Taylor Mark V409243ENG1933
31Spanton Tim R404802ENG1923
32Goris Ton1003526NED1922
33Burton Ronnie408441ENG1919
34Hawkins James N H409928ENG1910
35Canonne Antoine619388FRA1902
36Morcom Huw1800469WLS1901
37Karstens Lex1037617NED1874
38CMBrookfield Toby10700234GCI1873
39Schadd Jan1047230NED1872
40Froberg Gert-Jan1039490NED1867
41Ingham H William451096ENG1849
42Van Ginkel Henk1036394NED1842
43Gravett Alan D406171ENG1821
44Carlucci Paul A420263ENG1817
45Murray J Stephen2401495SCO1757
46Cummins J10700196GCI1748
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