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2018 Playwell U1600 Rapid

Last update 25.03.2018 05:56:54, Creator/Last Upload: korea chess federation

Starting rank

1YOU Haneul13201484KOR1578
2YOU Jiho13206923KOR1528
3DOVCHIN Bolortungalag13205668KOR1523
4KIM Changhyung13205200KOR1484
5LEE Donghoon13202626KOR1466
6HONG Sungha13205250KOR1452
7LEE Onbin13208586KOR1428
8LAING Christian Riales13208632KOR1366
9KIM Yubin13202316KOR1361
10CHAE Hanyun13208900KOR1352
11CHO Yongwoo13208160KOR1232
12KAWAI Leon13209787KOR1213
13KIM Heonwoo13206699KOR1213
14JEONG Yeonwoo13208705KOR1206
15PARK Yerim13203835KOR1112
16YIM Jay13204513KOR1018
17YIM Chanseo13203878KOR1003
18GUPTA Ashwani Kumar13208640KOR0
19KIM Jiyoon13206680KOR0
20KIM Seungtae13206737KOR0
21PARK Sijoon13207296KOR0
22Park Jiho13209957KOR0
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