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Qrup birinciliyi - TMQ-4

Last update 07.03.2018 15:08:26, Creator/Last Upload: raul quliyev

Starting rank

1Mustafayev Nihad13418335AZE1762
2Khalilov Emin13418327AZE1516
3Davudov Tunar13422316AZE1408
4Jafarova Aysel13429116AZE1406
5Ughuzov Ravan13419315AZE1391
6Nasibova Narmin13418017AZE1384
7Khalilli Elnur13421409AZE1329
8Rasulov Rashid13429876AZE1260
9Ismayilova Khanim13429019AZE1259
10Goyushlu Akif13418297AZE1245
11Rashidova Nargiz13425420AZE1219
12Aghayev Samad13420801AZE1202
13Bashirzade Farhad13422600AZE1161
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