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2018 Korea National Championship - Men

Last update 02.02.2018 09:06:32, Creator/Last Upload: korea chess federation

Starting rank

1FMLee Jun Hyeok13202340KOR2305
2CMKwon Sehyun13203088KOR2176
3Ahn Hongjin13201492KOR2157
4FMWalker Martin G410969KOR2079
5Kim Jinsoo13202405KOR2027
6Kim Saebyeok13200518KOR1950
7Ahn Sungmin13201034KOR1891
8CMKim Changhoon34117234KOR1861
9CMKim Inguh13201204KOR1860
10Kim Yunseo13207539KOR1799
11You Haneul13201484KOR1762
12Gu In Jung13200232KOR1736
13Kim Doyun13200798KOR1681
14Song Hyunwoo13207504KOR1524
15Kobiljon Ikromjanov13209531KOR0
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