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Campionat SUB12 2018 - Comarques Pirinenques

Last update 02.03.2018 19:41:09, Creator/Last Upload: federació d’escacs valls d’andorra

Starting rank

1Alcon Llosada JaumeAND1748GEVA-CEA
2Ribera Veganzones SerniAND1746GEVA-CEA
3Sanchez Sala MarcAND1549GEVA-CEA
4Vila Gutierrez PolAND1464GEVA-CEA
5Calvo Adellach MarcAND1460GEVA-CEA
6Regada Hierro JanAND1452GEVA-CEA
7Ros Vargas JoanAND1436GEVA-CEA
8Calaff Masot BernatAND1428GEVA-CEA
9Granyena Pujal LlucAND1428GEVA-CEA
10Perez Escuredo NicolasAND1428GEVA-CEA
11Guardia Comes AleixAND1373GEVA-CEA
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