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Kuwait Amateur Chess Festival Group A

Last update 13.11.2017 19:49:40, Creator/Last Upload: kuwait chess federation

Starting rank

1Abdel Mohsen Mohamed10626808EGY1760
2Alsharhan Musaed10300694KUW1749
3Hussain Hashem10300716KUW1733
4Miller Matt S2036851USA1721
5Saad Amer Mohamed10647139EGY1716
6Joshua Bacalzo10303030FID1707
7Varghese Joice383266908FID1677
8AIMKhalid Lodhi7801025PAK1668
9Farouk Hany10615350EGY1650
10Tinsay Nathaniel5219213PHI1645
11Abdel Latif Alaa Mahmoud10626964EGY1644
12Hamdi Emad10638164EGY1615
13Alkahlawy Amir10632956EGY1613
14AIMAlsaqer Meshal10301771KUW1609
15Mounif Saab7605390SYR1571
16Wahid Hlal7605188SYR1552
17Bitaga Larry10302808FID1534
18Huwaidi Fahad10302905KUW1523
19Alrashidi Yousef10300910KUW1497
20Nandakumar Menon10302115FID1481
21Ibrahim Ammar10302174EGY1426
22Alsaeed Ahmed10302859EGY0
23Francis Soni10303235FID0
24Kumar Kumar10303227FID0
25Rabie Mohamed10650873EGY0
26Shalaby Hussein10626875EGY0
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