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1st Surangel Blitz Tournament

Last update 21.05.2017 03:07:56, Creator/Last Upload: nauru chess federation

Starting rank

1Montel Jr Cyril Tomas16600037PLW1806
2Cabunagan Tito16600169PLW1799
3Hernandez Roberto16600010PLW1780
4Paloma Rafael16600592PLW1695
5Kenmure Jamie3202070AUS1688
6Cabuso Rustum16600614PLW1670
7Salvadora Angelo16601491PLW1643
8Gonzales Dennis16600150PLW1629
9AFMBalbalosa Jeffrey16600240PLW1625
10Suringa Jr Paquito16600134PLW1625
11Labarda Eugene16600576PLW1622
12Parrado Angelica16600215PLW1590
13Mahor Jr Manuel16600100PLW1551
14Sisior Destiny16600444PLW1511
15Mission Baby Edna16600355PLW1490
16Sisior Angelil16600436PLW1359
17Whipps Ksau Anthony Flores16600320PLW1353
18Whipps Eric Ksau Surangel16600550PLW1268
19Whipps Joy Flores16600460PLW1264
20Angeles Jennifer16601556PLW1165
21Sisior Kyarii16600720PLW1115
22Reklai Eryn16601629PLW0
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