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2017 Korea National Championship

Last update 15.01.2017 10:57:37, Creator/Last Upload: korea chess federation

Starting rank

1FMLee Jun Hyeok13202340KOR2289
2FMWalker Martin G410969KOR2127
3Ahn Hongjin13201492KOR2108
4Kwon Sehyun13203088KOR2101
5Chon Yongjoon13202820KOR1969
6Kim Saebyeok13200518KOR1954
7CMKim Inguh13201204KOR1918
8CMKim Changhoon34117234KOR1912
9Ahn Sungmin13201034KOR1895
10Kim Jinsoo13202405KOR1895
11Jang Kyungsik13201166KOR1873
12Kim Minho13201050KOR1834
13Jang Hyeonho13204955KOR1717
14Seong Jinsoo13207458KOR1697
15Lee Dongseob13204130KOR1619
16You Haneul13201484KOR1593
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