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Sanken Overseas Classic Rapid Play

Last update 09.12.2016 09:53:28, Creator/Last Upload: rstravens

Starting rank

1Stratonowitsch Andre24613959SEY2125
2Stravens Robert A.9800433SEY1699
3Prokopyev Sergey9800360SEY1650
4Balabanov Andrei128131671FID1643
5Santillan Reygene115201948FID1574
6Singireddy Subhash Reddy128131653FID1512
7Nalletamby Samuel9800379SEY1501
8Louis EliSey1450
9Eulentin Jean-jacquesSey1442
10Crea ElginSey1400
11Butler-payette AndreSey1350
12Dupres Dania9800506Sey1350
13Dupres DarianSey1350
14Sam LaurentSey1318
15Hoareau Elza9800298SEY1291
16Abel Jeanne-darcSey1161
17Moodely Satyasey1109
18Albert Niloufer0
19Eulentin Jessee9800280SEY0
20Eulentin Marianna9800085SEY0
21Kamalan Harikrishnan0
22Kumar Senthil0
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