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Victoria Chess Club Apollo July 16 Open

Last update 21.08.2016 17:45:07, Creator/Last Upload: rstravens

Starting rank

1Stratonowitsch AndreSey2127
2Stravens RobertSey1671
3Balabanov AndreiSey1602
4Dagdeler MuratSey1584
5Nalletamby SamuelSey1534
6Singreddy SubashSey1533
7Abel Jeanne darcSey1200
8Balabanov MikhailSey1200
9Hoareau ElzaSey1414
10Louise EliSey1500
11Dupres DaniaSey1300
12Dupres DariamSey1300
13Sam LaurentSey1200
14Ravi SathsaraSey1200
15Uledi Angelosey1200
16Chetty AakashSey1200
17Chua SheilaSey1200
18Crea ElginSey1200
19Eremeev IvanSey1000
20Raghawa PrithviSey1000
21Vijay RishySey1000
22Raghawa MahiSey900
23Moodely SatyaSey1000
24Berdin GeorgeSey1200
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