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Palau Blitz 2016

Last update 07.03.2016 13:07:55, Creator/Last Upload: palau chess federation

Starting rank

1Montel Jr Cyril Tomas16600037PLW1819
2Cabunagan Tito16600169PLW1800
3Hernandez Roberto16600010PLW1777
4Cabuso Rustum16600614PLW1692
5Gonzales Dennis16600150PLW1663
6Labarda Eugene16600576PLW1650
7Balbalosa Jeffrey16600240PLW1588
8Moyet Josef16601343PLW1556
9Mahor Jr Manuel16600100PLW1489
10Inres Arnolfo16601335PLW1455
11Gemota Joan16601289PLW1428
12Gemota Joel16601483PLW1357
13Navarroza Glen16600533PLW1356
14Whipps Eric Ksau Surangel16600550PLW1281
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