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2nd Surangel Cup

Last update 07.03.2016 13:07:25, Creator/Last Upload: palau chess federation

Starting rank

1Parrado Angelica16600215PLW1707
2Balbalosa Jeffrey16600240PLW1651
3Whipps Eric Ksau Surangel16600550PLW1514
4Reyes Jon Manuel16600380PLW1497
5Navarroza Glen16600533PLW1346
6Leuterio Allan16600924PLW1338
7Ulap Jo-Arl Cris Banaga16600886PLW1329
8Whipps Joy Flores16600460PLW1292
9Parco Roxanne16600894PLW1158
10Millimono Francios16600860PLW1001
11Aban Marvin16601521PLW0
12Defuntorum Carolina16601432PLW0
13Ishida Beverly16601416PLW0
14Pusong Mark Anthony16601467PLW0
15Rapada Dario16601530PLW0
16Sales Fritzie16601424PLW0
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